DIY Dollar Tree Pizza Pan “Family” Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Pizza Pan “Family” Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a wreath using a pizza pan and some sentiments from the Dollar Tree.

What you need

Paint Brush

Waverly Ink Chalk Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan


Dollar Tree Nautical Rope

Dollar Tree Burlap Ribbon with lace center

Dollar Tree Family is everything placemat

Boxwood Floral (sometimes you can find these are dollar tree but I got mine from Walmart)



Are you looking for a unique and creative way to decorate your front door for the upcoming holiday season? Look no further than this DIY Dollar Tree Pizza Pan “Family” Wreath tutorial. Using simple supplies from the Dollar Tree store, you can create a beautiful and sentimental wreath that is sure to impress your guests.

The base of this wreath is a pizza pan, which can be found at the Dollar Tree. The first step is to give the pizza pan a fresh coat of paint using Waverly Ink Chalk Paint. This will give the pan a rustic and vintage look that will add to the overall charm of the wreath.

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to add the embellishments. Using a hot glue gun, attach a nautical rope to the top of the pan. This will serve as the hanger for the wreath. Next, add a burlap ribbon with a lace center to the bottom of the pan. This will add a rustic and natural touch to the wreath.

The centerpiece of the wreath is a Dollar Tree “Family is everything” placemat. This sentimental touch adds a personal and meaningful aspect to the wreath. The placemat is attached to the pan using the hot glue gun.

Finally, add some greenery to the wreath to give it a more natural and organic look. Boxwood floral can be found at the Dollar Tree and is a great way to add some texture and depth to the wreath.

Overall, this DIY Dollar Tree Pizza Pan “Family” Wreath tutorial is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. It’s easy to make, and with the right supplies, it’s also budget-friendly. So, grab your supplies, and get crafting! Your front door will thank you.

Begin by trimming the placemat to fit inside the pizza pan. If you can’t find the Family is everything placemat at your local dollar tree, then simply swap it out for a similar design or quote.

Next, paint the rim of the pizza pan with black paint (I did 2 coats)

After the placemat has dried, use hot glue to attach it to the centre of the pizza pan.

Cut a strip of burlap ribbon 12 inches long, 8 inches long, and 3 inches long. Fold the ends of the 12 inch and 8 inch portions together in the centre, hot glue them together, and pile them on top of each other.

Then wrap the 3 inch section around the middle and add some hot glue to secure


Take the nautical rope and add a thin line of hot glue around the inside section of the pizza pan and then trimming at the top.

This will be covered by the bow. Next add some hot glue and attach the bow.

Add some dabs of hot glue to the boxwood pieces and place them behind the bow. I used 4 small pieces that just popped off the stem.




  1. Bessie A Ashby says

    It is Beautiful ,Thankyou for the idea

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