Dinosaur Christmas tree ornaments

Dinosaur Christmas tree ornaments

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make a fun tree ornament using dinosaur toys. Reuse your kids old toys and bring about some joy into your Christmas tree.

What you need

Plastic dinosaurs

Eyelet hooks

Gold Spray Paint

Clear Sealer


This amazing Christmas craft was created by Söphie Elizabeth who used plastic dinosaurs to create these fun and festive tree ornaments.

Thanks for sharing your images Sophie, We love it!

To begin with, place the eyelets into the dinosaurs. This can be done by screwing them into place. Try to find the middle weight of the dinosaur so that he hangs nice and straight.

Usually, the head or center body is a good place, but it will depend on your dinosaur. If you have trouble screwing in your hooks, you can use a fine drill to pre-drill the hole for the hook or use some jewelry wire to wrap it around the body of the dinosaur and create a hook at the top.

Spray paint the dinosaurs with a good quality gold paint and allow them to dry and seal them with a clear sealer.

Simply add some string or ribbon and hang them from your tree.

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