DIY Denim Gypsy Purse

DIY Denim Gypsy Purse

This tutorial will show you how to recycle your old denim into this beautiful gypsy purse. Check it out!

What you need

Denim (jeans fabric), needle and thread, sewing machine, pencil and ruler, yarns, wooden beads, fabric glue, scissors, zipper.


step (1)

Step (1): Measure and cut 2 similar sized piece out of the jeans fabric according to your choice. Take a matching zipper and don’t forget to keep it half open before starting to sew it with the fabric. Attach the zipper with both pieces as you can see in the picture.

step (2)

Step (2): Now, sew the sides (all 3 sides) of the purse while keeping the zipper half open. After you’re done sewing the sides you can simply turn the right side of the purse out through the half open zipper. Make sure to attach the zipper nicely and fold the right side of the purse out neatly.


step (3)

Step (3): Time to design the purse! Draw a pattern on the purse with a pen or pencil. Draw a border and keep the design simple, too much detailed design might ruin the pattern.


step (4)

Step (4): Apply fabric glue (or white glue as an alternative) along the design outline. Simply place the yarn along the glue and carefully tap the glued yarn with your finger to flatten it.

step (5)

Step (5): To create perfect corners you’ll have to cut the yarn every time the yarn reaches a corner rather than folding the yarn. To fill small blanks or patterns cut the yarn into small manageable pieces and then glue them. Last but not the least, make sure that the color combination is good.

step (6)

Step (6): Take a string or beading thread long enough to make the handle of the purse. Start beading the string with colorful wooden beads or any kind of beads of your choice. Keep 3 cm extra string on both sides of the beaded string. Also make a tassel yarn garland, we’ll attach it with the purse, on the bottom part.

step (7)

Step (7): Prepare your needle and thread, take enough thread to attach the yarn tassel garland with the purse. You can simply do whip-stitch to attach the tassel garland with the purse.  Use matching thread and stitch nicely.

step (8)

Step (8): Now, attach the beaded purse handle with the purse. You can use a needle to take the extra string or thread on both ends through the jeans fabric and then tie a few knots to secure the string. Done!


  1. Candace Simmons says

    I am going to do this pattern with my grandaughter. I think she is really like this purse!

  2. I want to learn from you. Do you offer online course. I am so munch interested in making bag.

  3. Love love love I’m definitely making this one

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