DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath

DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath

This Christmas Gnome wreath is created using a Dollar Tree Snowman , Mop and Scarf Hack

What you need

Dollar Tree Snowman
Craft Glue
Craft pick
Golf ball or Pom pom


This Christmas Gnome wreath is made by using Dollar tree, Dollar Store or discount store items and Hacking them into a brand new DIY Christmas craft creation.


First off you will need a snowman base. You need to strip all the tinsel off the base. Next take a mop head and cut the strands off. You will be re-attaching them to the frame as shown below in the photos.

Next step is to paint your golf ball and allow it to dry.

whilst it is drying create the beanie using a scarf as shown

Fold the tassels of the scarf to the top, this will be the top of your beanie. Create a hem at the bottom and secure with glue.

Create the tuft with a rubber band or ribbon and glue into place.  Pop the nose in to position and finish off the gnome with a decorative ribbon or craftpick on top.

This Craft was contributed by Lela, thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas creation and hack Lela.


  1. Thanks for a great idea! I have plenty of those on hand from other projects, The wood ones suggested on a different gnome project are a bit pricey.

  2. amy patterson says

    Love it I made halloween gnome using the Santa hat

  3. Marlene Robie says

    I loved this idea I used a pumpkin decoration just like snowmen from dollar tree

  4. Susie Frees says

    I just used Ping-Pong balls for the gnome’s nose. Same idea as the golf ball, but much lighter and easier to buy. What else can be used for the frame? These snowmen cannot always be found. I looked today and nothing! I love using mop heads for crafting. This is one thing I had not thought of yet, and I love gnomes.

  5. love it adorable

  6. Is there a video tutorial? The instructions are a little lacking!

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