Bible Bookmarks

Bible Bookmarks

This free kids craft project shows you how to make a quick craft bookmark.

What you need

Tongue Depressors
or Large Craft/Popsicle Sticks


For this project we used tongue depressors or large craft sticks bought from a craft store. But you could used recycled Popsicle sticks.

Let the children decorate their own bookmark with paints or marker pens.

We wrote the names onto the bookmarks with a permanent marker then let the kids paint the sticks.

These are quick little kids craft projects that can be made as gifts for loved ones. You can make them as simple or as advanced as you like.


  1. What a good idea may try this with our youth cafe!.Love Always Maryelizabeth Shaw

  2. This is so simple that makes it so cool and I am Christian.Hooray!!! I love Jesus!!

  3. Craft Freak says

    Great somthing Christian Horray!

  4. suce a good simple idea i would have never thought of this

  5. i love it

  6. love this idea.

  7. it is very good for my project

  8. These are great for my book of shadows!

  9. This craft is so simple and easy to do. We also used some cut outs, stickers, buttons etc.. They made nice thank you gifts for our baptism. Wendy Hewitt

  10. This is the best idea on the site ! 🙂

  11. i think this is really good

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