Diwali Ganesha Wall Art

Diwali Ganesha Wall Art

Diwali is a Hindu festival of light and usually celebrated in Oct/Nov. Create this Ganesha Wall art that looks like faux silver for a handmade Diwali decoration. Perfect for Diwali parties or Bollywood dance parties.

What you need

Hot melt glue
Cheap frame
Plastic Ganesh Ornament
Silver Paint
Black boot polish


For this project you need a picture frame with the glass removed.  Next take your plastic Ganesha/Ganesh and hot glue it to the center of the frame.

Using the hot glue create designs all over the frame. This will make it appear that the frame has a pressed design. You can draw your designs on with a pencil first if you think it will help.

Once it is dried, spray with silver spray paint. Use a good quality spray for a great finish. Finish off but rubbing some black boot polish into the cracks to age it.

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