4th of July – Barn Wood Flag

4th of July – Barn Wood Flag

A rustic creation - this 4th of July flag from barn wood is so easy to make!

What you need

Wood slat
Craft paint
Star Stencil
Foam Brush
Sand paper


Find a piece of wood you like. Lightly sand the top of the wood before painting using a medium grit sandpaper to remove dirt or blemishes.

Next, use a ruler and pencil to draw a vertical line for the blue portion of the flag and horizontal lines for your stripes.

Once the lines are drawn you can start painting your stripes. Lightly brush paint on for a rustic look. You can always go over it with sandpaper if you put too much paint on.

Add the star by using a stencil and white paint or adding a Wooden cutout star. 

Let dry and add to your favorite decor!

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