Diskette Coasters

Diskette Coasters

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What you need

Melty beads kit


First, you must find and buy one of those little kits in the children’s craft area at your local wally world or other craft hangout. Make sure you get a kit with a biggish square grid in it.

Ok, now select your colors

Use this chart if you want them to be just like mine.

start setting your melty beads on the pegs (I start at the top 18 across

using the chart until it looks something like this

Then, use that little piece of wax paper you found in the kit (don’t toss it out!) and lay it on your work. It doesn’t matter which side.

Iron it a little bit at a time. constantly check to see if the beads have started to melt. DON’T MELT THEM TOO MUCH!

Then you need to let it cool a second or two (no peeking!)

Then lift it off. It should come off quite easily.

And your done! If it doesn’t look completely melty or it doesn’t stick together, DON’T LIFT IT OFF. It’s a pain to get back on the grid. Not impossible but a pain none the less. Good luck!

This project was contributed by Crystal Newman

Melty beads can be purchased from toy stores and some good craft stores. The general concept of the beads is they melt together to form a solid shape.


  1. Very cute and clever! Thanks for sharing!

  2. a piece of felt glued to the bottom would be great for cold drinks!

  3. I made mine for a friend with skull and crossbones. He loves them!

  4. Meh, not the best

  5. awesome idea!!

  6. great idea! i’m giving a set to my tech teacher!

  7. Cute gift for a guy friend..

  8. when you said diskette coaster, I pictured the free AOL cd under my coffe mug!

  9. Super fun idea..

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