Diamante Candle

Diamante Candle

Add Scrapbooking Diamantes to a store bought candle to add a little bling to a plain table setting.

What you need

Plain pillar candle (any color)
BBQ lighter
Craft Diamantes


You will need to use tweezers for this project as your will be touching hot wax and hot diamantes.  The diamantes we used were simple scrapbooking adhesive ones.

Place the diamantes into the position you would like them, the adhesive will hold them long enough for you to use the BBQ lighter to burn over the top of the diamante. This melts the wax behind it. You then use the tweezers to push the diamante into the melted wax. This will insure that it stays in place on the candle.

Keep placing them into position until you get the desired look.



Here is a picture of the candle on a Hens night table. When all the DIY pieces are put together it completes a great bling bling look.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!