Despicable Me Minion Sewing Pattern

Despicable Me Minion Sewing Pattern

Make these adorable Despicable Me Minions soft toys in three different sizes. They come with a free sewing pattern.

What you need

Small amount each of yellow / blue / black / (polar fleece)
Very small amount of tan / white / black / (grey felt)
Toy stuffing 


Using the following patterns – Cut out all your pieces ready to go.

Minion Small Toy

Minion Large Cushion

Pocket Minion

Beginning with the body sew your overalls into place front and back. Make sure they line up when you sew down the sides.

Make the pocket with the badge using the diagram on the pattern.

Stitch the completed pocket (with the badge on) onto the overalls.

Sew the eyes together using the diagram on the pattern.

Once you have finished the eyes stitch them to the head, (leave room for the mouth).

Stitch the mouth in place as you did with the eyes.

Start the arms with the right side facing inwards. Stitch down the side then across the bottom. Turn them inside out.

Stitch around the hands and turn them inside out.

Stitch them securely to the arms.

To stitch the feet put two pieces together and stitch around them (then turn inside out).

Slightly fill with Toy Filling or Wadding and pin in place at the bottom of your minion.

Now you are ready to stitch both sides together.

Pin the arms in place. Remember to have them facing inwards. Leave a gap at the bottom for turning.

With the right side facing inwards sew all around the minion.

Remember to sew the arms and feet in as you go. Leave a gap down near the feet and once you have filled it with wadding then you can stitch up the gap.


All done! Tell us how yours came out!


  1. Nadine Chalifoux says


  2. Fantastic! I am making it right now, having some issues with the hands and my machine but the rest has been easy! THANKS SO MUCH!!

  3. Thinking of making it but it doesn’t state the finished size,

  4. just cut out pocket minion there doesnt appear to be arms and hand for this small size.. or am i just not looking properly??

    please help


  5. sirena33774 says

    I live the project! Thanks 🙂

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