Decoupage Soaps

Decoupage Soaps

Decoupage soaps are very easy to make and are a great craft for all ages. They can be used to decorate cheap blocks of soaps for school fetes or fundraisers.

What you need

Plain blocks of soap.
Some small stickers or cut out pictures for the decoration.
White P.V.A Glue (non toxic)
Paint brush


Use Christmas images for your guest bathroom or how about a picture of your child so he or she knows which soap is hers on school camps.

To start this craft choose a image. Use stickers or cut outs to go onto your soap. Take the back of the image and using the PVA glue adhere it to the block of soap.

PVA glue is poly vinyl acetate a white craft glue that dries clear.

Using the paint brush place a layer of glue over the top of the image and the top of the soap. Allow the coat to dry and then apply another coat. Make sure you cover the complete image.
Keep doing this until you have at least 5 coats of PVA glue onto your soap. Allow it to dry each time.

The more coats you apply to the soap and image the longer the image will stay visible in the shower or bath.

To use this soap all you do is wash with it like normal, taking preference to the side with out the image.

This craft is totally safe and Non Toxic. The glue layer containing the glue and image will simply peel away from the soap as the soap is finished.

What you need

Glass tile or Glass slide (Available from jewelry making stockists)
Clear drying Craft Glue/Diamond Glaze/modge podge/Aleenes clear tacky glue
Scissors or Blade
Twitter Image below
Aanraku Bail


This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a glass tile or glass slide pendant using a twitter image and some basic jewelry making supplies.

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Take your twitter image (printable image below) and cut it to size to match your glass tile that will become your pendant, it should be 1-2 mm smaller than the glass tile. This allows the glue to seal around the edges.

Start by taking your image and sealing it with a thin coat of clear drying craft glue, such as modge podge or PVA glue. You can also use a spray sealer if you have it on hand. This seals the image ink and prevents any color bleeds later on.

Once your image has been sealed, you can glue it onto the glass tile/slide.

Cover the glass tile in a coat of glue and gently place the image down onto the tile.
Press the paper image down in the centre and work your way out to the edges. This allows any air bubbles to escape to the edges.

Once the image is flat against the tile apply firm pressure and make sure all the edges are well stuck down.
Finish it off by placing a little more glue on top of the paper (the back of the image) to seal the back of the pendant. Make sure the glue seals all the edges. If you are using modge podge or glue then give it 3-4 coats at least allowing it to dry between coats as this will SEAL it better. If you are using Diamond glaze or other glass like resin products then 1 thick coat is enough.

You can wipe off any excess glue from the tile using a damp cloth. You can gently sand any rough edges or any blobs of glue off once it is dry.

Finish off the twitter pendant by gluing on your aanraku bail with strong craft glue or E6000 Glue.

Glass tiles can be bought from most jewelry making supply stores online. You can also use glass slides used for science.

Try adding beads for a retro variation.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of a craft from the ’70s. What is the estimated drying time between coats of glue? Can this project be completed in 45 minutes or less?

  2. Cheryl Shields says

    I remember doing this as a young kid I am 54 yrs old and did this preteen Great project for teachers presents , match your own soap for your own home Try this it is a lot of fun Thanks for the memories

  3. How adorable! Who wouldn’t love a decoupage soap bar?

  4. Great idea. Will be trying that one.

  5. eh…okay…i guess

  6. For an easier version of this, temporary tattoos can be used as well, applied dry soap the same way as you would to skin – just apply and press with a wet washcloth. This would make a great children’s craft.

  7. I direct crafts for after school kids’club, and for Mothers’ Day, this is neat! I’m a soap-maker, anyways so I have the materials at hand! Just need the decoupages and glue. Thanks!

  8. I will definetly try this!!

  9. I am going to have the residents at our nursing home make them in craft for Australia Day

  10. Going to try this

  11. this is an AWESOME idea! I like the testimonial about the seniors in the home making them for loved ones! A lovely, easy and inexpensive way to pretty up the bathroom! Thank You

  12. this soap decoupage is something i was looking for. It explained everything. thanks

  13. Something for everyone

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