Dainty Drawstring Crochet Bag

Dainty Drawstring Crochet Bag

A vintage pattern to create a dainty drawstring bag.

What you need

This pattern is a vintage pattern and may use vintage terms. Although this pattern is from a print publication it has not been recently tested.


Pearl Cotton, Size 3, and Clark’s O.N.T. Hook No. 7. Ch 8, join, ch 3, 20 tr in ring. Join at end each round.

2nd round – Ch 4, to in each tr, 1 ch after each, 21 sps in round.

3rd round – Tr in each sp, 2 ch after each.

4th round – Same as 3rd round, but increase by making 2 tr with 2 ch between in every 3rd sp.

Make 4 rounds more, increasing over increasings.

Trefoils – Make 22 sps, without increasing.

* Ch 5, s c in next sp, ch 5, s c in next; ch 10, s c in 7th ch from hook, ch 5, s c in ring, ch 5, s c in ring, ch 5, s c in catching st of ring.

Turn, over each 5 ch make 1 s c, 6 tr, 1 s c. Ch 3, s c in next sp of round, ch 5, s c in next sp. Repeat from * to beginning of round, 8 trefoils.

Slip st along 2 sps. Make 18 sps, slip st along next 2 sps to lst loop. * Ch 2, s c in center of lst petal, ch 8, s c in center of 2nd petal, ch 8, s c in 3rd petal. Ch 2, s c in next loop, repeat from * around.

Work 3 rows sps across sps of top, narrowing 1 sp each end each row. At end of last row make 1 tr and 2 ch alternately to lst trefoil.

Continue around trefoils, skipping 5 sts between them, and 1 st each time around top.

Make another round sps, then final round loops. Make back same as front, omitting trefoils. Make sps across top to correspond with front, finish edge with loops, sew against front on loop round with which trefoils started.

Make ch st cord, using double thread.


  1. This very pretty and will make a great Christmas gift.

  2. rhondygirl says

    Need pic, please. The pattern is hard 2 grasp, but if I had a pic, I couls figure it out…

  3. Can any one tell me what exactly this line means “Trefoils – Make 22 sps, without increasing.”

  4. really easy to do :.}

  5. in round2, what does to in ea tr
    mean? i know that tr is treble. but i have never seen to. thank you

  6. was very difficult to follow. someone should revise this as they test it to make sure it works out better.

  7. I used black shimmery crochet cotton for this pattern and made 3 and gave as evening bags for Xmas gifts. Teen recipients were thrilled

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