Mango Moon Shrug

Mango Moon Shrug

This shrug pattern was contributed by Amana Nova from

What you need

2 Skeins Recycled Silk or Tie Dyed Viscose (300 yds)
2 Balls Kid Mohair or 1 Skein of Capelli (350 yds)
U.S. needle size 11 (8 mm) or size to give gauge
U.S. needle size 13 (9 mm) for collar
“K” crochet hook (optional)


Gauge: 10 sts = 4″ (10 cm) over St st with smaller needles St st: Row 1 (RS) knit Row 2 (WS) purl

Notes: Use one strand of recycled silk and one strand of embellishment yarn together throughout. Change the embellishment yarn every 8th row. Shrug is worked from cuff to cuff.

Body: CO 26(29) sts. Beginning with a RS row, k 2 rows, then continue in St st until work measures 58(61)” from beginning (CO row), ending with a RS row. K 2 rows, BO.

Fold the piece in half lengthwise and seam the side edges together starting at the cuff and seaming for 20(21)” or desired sleeve length. Repeat at the other end to form the second sleeve.

Note: There will be about 20(21)” of shrug left “open” in the middle between the two sleeves. This opening will accommodate the collar.

Collar: With larger needles CO 12(16) sts. Working in Garter st (knit every row) work for 130(136) rows (65(68) ridges).

Piece should measure 50(52)”. BO. Being careful not to twist, sew BO edge to CO edge, forming a ring.

Finishing: Collar may be joined to body either by sewing with a tapestry needle or crocheted together as follows. Place seam in collar at center of raw edge opening on shrug (what will be center lower back, right sides together.

Ease the side edge of ring evenly around the opening between the two sleeves. Opening is approximately 40(42)” ring is approximately 50(52)” so there is enough ease to make the collar flare and fit properly.

Seam using your preferred method. When you wear this shrug place seam in garter st. ring down center back so the collar has no seam showing when it is rolled back.

This project was contributed by Amana Nova from


  1. Crochet pattern for this pleeeeease!!!!

  2. Am working this pattern in a novelty ribbon yarn, no embellishment yarn is needed because there is a pattern in the ribbon. Will make the sleeves shorter. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. how do you make one for kids? Cuz they have no boobs so how will it stay up?

  4. i just have 2 skeins og kimono yarn..think i´ll try this design thanks
    lilian denmark

  5. I love the colors shown, but I would use a nuetral color and maybe go with a three-quarter length sleeve since I tend to roll up long-sleeved wearables anyway.

  6. oo..this is pretty..would prefer a shorter sleeve but I do for everything.

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