Cupcake Fairy Wand

Cupcake Fairy Wand

This craft project shows you how to make your very own cupcake fairy wand. Perfect for a little girls tea party, cupcake party or princess party. They are quick to make which means you can involve the kids making it a fun party project.

What you need

1 decorated pencil
1 silicon cupcake case
Craft Glue
1 5×5″ square of felt
sequins beads for sprinkles
toy wadding
pom pom


Start by taking your pencil and sticking the silicon cupcake wrapper onto the end. This is best done by cutting a small hole and threading the end of the pencil into the cupcake case and securing with glue.

Next take your felt or fabric and place a handful of Toy Filling or Wadding into the middle. Bunch it up to get a well rounded cupcake top. Secure into the case with glue.

You can hand stitch or glue the sequins and beads on for the sprinkles.

Finish off with a little ribbon around the handle, pom pom on top (cherry) and perhaps a few drops of strawberry oil for a truly delicious scent.

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