Cup Of Nothing

Cup Of Nothing

This empty mug gift poem is a great gift for any occasion and is designed for areas affected by drought.

What you need

Empty Mug
Coffee sachet or Tea Bag


For a holiday gift you can use a themed mug.

—- Empty Mug Poem —-

I know it’s just an empty cup,
please don’t scream and shout.
I would have made a cup of coffee
but as you know there’s a drought.
so when the rain comes down again
make sure you save each drop.
make yourself a cup of coffee,
you could even fill a pot.

by Rita Wilson copyrighted to


  1. haha thats awesome!

  2. good idea.

  3. ccuuuutttteee 🙂
    (the poem of course, but its kind of simple for a gift)

  4. that is the friggin worst idea ever for a gift and i would rate it 0 stars but then i couldnt post comment

  5. cute….

  6. for u ppl who gave 1’s,poo you!(that was my rated g version of a curse!)

  7. hahaha………….almost as funny as the JAR of nothing………….check it out if you haven’t seen it!

  8. What a great idea for the teacher !
    You know they HAVE to get tired of things with apples on them.
    And this is such a different idea !!
    Guess I’ll be out searching the thrift stores and the dollar stores for big mugs.

    barb in tennessee

  9. Mmm ok

  10. topical for Aust. great!

  11. wicked!!!

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