Corkscrew Icicle Beads

Corkscrew Icicle Beads

A super easy project and a simple craft idea to do with beads - make a corkscrew icicle!

What you need

Seed beads


STEP ONE: Thread on a number of seed beads in any odd number. For mine I used 101 seed beads.

I started in seventh bead from end and threaded on two seed beads of a different color and go in second seed bead of the first row, thread on two more and go through next seed bead, continue this way till thread comes out last bead of the first row.

STEP TWO: Repeat the second part of step one or two more times until work is a thick as you would like.

All done!


  1. A good photo would be worth a thousand words. Pics with a tutorial perhaps. I don’t get it at all.

  2. Yes, sorry, but the instructions need clarification & the picture needs to be much larger.

  3. How do you coil it around the middle? Is there a better picture?

  4. I’m a very experienced beeder and I still don’t understand your instructions. Could be clearer, could have a better picture. What would you do with it? Good creativity though!

  5. need better instructions

  6. Thread 101 beads, knot. Weave a new thread through the beads, using it to tie two beads on top of the old ones at intervals like in the picture.

  7. I can’t get it either, need picture and clearer instructions.

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