Recycled Round Motif Purse

Recycled Round Motif Purse

This recycled bag is made with two different recycled materials. First, plastic bags were used for the center Motif using pink and grey retail bags. Next an old recycled VHS tape was used for the black yarn in this project.

What you need

Plastic bags and VHS tape
Size: 9 inch round bag with 2-1/2″ center Motif if using 3/4 to 1″ strips of cut plastic bags. Strap 38 inches long when not tied.
Hook: N metal crochet hook used in this pattern.


Motif: (Make 2) Using pink plastic bag yarn (center color) Ch 4, Sl St to form ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 2, (counts as 1 Hdc) in ring work 2 Hdc, Ch 1, 3 Hdc, Ch 1, 3 Hdc, Ch1, 3 Hdc Ch 1, Sl St to top of Ch 2.

(4 corners & 4 shells made) Fasten off and weave ends under on back side of Motif.

Rnd 2: Using grey plastic bag yarn, attach in any Ch 1 corner space. Ch 2, 2 Hdc, Ch1, 3 Hdc, all in the same ch 1 corner space. *Sk next 3 Hdc, 3 Hdc, Ch 1, 3 Hdc, all in the next Ch 1 corner space.

* Repeat between * 2 more times, Sl St to top of the beginning Ch 2.

Fasten off and weave ends under on back side of Motif.

Rnd 3: Using black VHS tape, attach in any corner with a *Sl St. Sc, Hdc, Dc, in next 3 stitches. (Dc should be done in center space of last round so this round is centered even.)

Then Hdc, Sc and St Sl in corner space*.

(FYI: Just to clarify, you should have completed 7 stitches around one side of Motif one Sl St in beginning corner, then Sc, Hdc, Dc, Hdc, Sc, and ending with Sl St in next corner.)

Repeat between * above 3 times across each side of Motif to made round. Ending with the Sl St to top of 1st Sl St in corner.

Rnd 4: 2 Hdc in each stitch around. Work in continuous rounds marking the beginning of each round so you know where round ends.

Rnd 5-6: Hdc in each stitch around. (Tip: If your work is not lying flat, work an extra Hdc here and there so it lays flat.)

Rnd 7: *Hdc in next 5 stitches, 2 Hdc in next stitch*. Repeat between * until you reach end of round.

Rnd 8: *Hdc in next 4 stitches, 2 Hdc in next stitch*. Repeat between * until you reach the last 2 stitches of round.

(Reminder: If your work is not lying flat, just add another Hdc here and there as needed.)

Sc in next stitch, end with Sl St into top of last stitch so the edge is even.

Finish off and weave in ends on the back side of first Motif only. Make second Motif but don’t finish off at the end of round 8. Leave yarn tape attached.

With wrong sides together and weave them together by working 1 rnd of Sc around two-thirds (2/3) of bag. (You can leave the opening smaller if desired.)

Don’t fasten off. Leave yarn attached to make strap handle.

Strap handle:

Chain 84 and attach your yarn to opposite opening edge. (I use a Sl St to attach and then another Sl St into another stitch at opening edge to provide added strength for your handle.)

Turn and work back up the chain by working a Sc around the chain until you get back to opposite end of strap handle. Adjust your Sc stitches around chain as needed to provide a smooth strap for your bag. The Sc’s slide a bit and this allows for you to adjust your stitches as needed.

Finish off by attaching your yarn tape with a Sl St where strap began and weave ends under on inside of the bag. You may add a small Velcro dot inside purse for closure.

Option: This bag could be done completely in recycled plastic bags if you would rather not use VHS tape.

Ch -Chain

Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl St – Slip Stitch
Sk – Skip Rnd – Round

This pattern is copyrighted by Cindy from My Recycled Bags and may only be used for private individual use. No commercial sales or use is permitted. Links to this pattern are acceptable with permission. (C)2007


  1. Great looking bag. I can’t crochet to save my life.

  2. xoBorn2Shopxo says

    honestly, i give you credit for coming up with these things!!!! 🙂

  3. That is really cool

  4. excellent way to recycle old VHS tapes.

  5. I can not believe someone could do this. What a great imagination you have to reuse something. Good job.

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