Cork trivet

Cork trivet

This craft project shows you how to recycle wine bottle corks into a hot pot trivet.

What you need

32 corks
Hot glue gun


Lay out the corks to form your desired design and size of trivet.

Hot glue the corks together by applying a small line of glue down as you place each cork into position to keep your pattern.

Let sit for 30 minutes before use to make sure glue is set.


  1. I think if you drill them and wire them together itmight work. I am going to test it this week. I’ll pop back in and let you know the results of my experiment!

  2. Agree that hot glue alone doesn’t work. Instead of a design with corks on their sides, I’ve seen one with the tops of corks showing. I’m going to try that leaving the most interesting corks for the outside edge. I’m thinking wrapping thin jewelry wire around each cork and twisting it to the next cork will work. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. Just use stick pins at edge of entry apply glue to hold in pins

  4. crazy glue…?

  5. I tried this one time, and the coaster did not stay together. It was a great idea though! I wonder if there is another way to assemble the corks..

  6. Good idea…except that if you use hot glue, it will fall apart entirely at the first hot dish you put on it. Think ahead, folks…

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