Comb and Nail File Case

Comb and Nail File Case

make your own case to carry your comb and nail file. Very stylish!

What you need

Squared paper
Piece of red leather at least 6 inch by 4 inch (15cm x 10cm)
Craft glue
Red silk sewing thread
Small metal or plastic comb
Small nail file


Make a template around your comb with a half inch allowance.

Cut out 2 of these shapes. The second piece of the leather will have the cut out curved edge. Trim off the top part as shown in the picture. Then cut out a third piece of leather for the nail file again using the file as your template and allowing a few millimeters.

Spread a very thin line of the adhesive along the sides, and lower edge of the smallest piece of leather and position this very carefully on the right side of the medium-sized piece of leather.

When this adhesive is thoroughly dry, carefully stitch around the sides and base, close to the edge of the smallest shape. Draw the threads through to the wrong sides and knot securely before trimming off the surplus.

Spread a thin line of adhesive along the sides and lower edge of the wrong side of the front section of the comb case, and position onto the back section with the wrong sides together.

When the adhesive is thoroughly dry, stitch as before, but draw threads through to the right side, knot securely, trim, then tuck surplus down inside the case. Re-trim the edges of the case with a sharp craft knife. Insert comb and nail file in case.

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