Cold & Flu Lotion Bar

Cold & Flu Lotion Bar

Lotion Bars are a soap like bar that is a compressed moisturising lotion. You rub it directly onto the skin without water.

What you need

1 part Beeswax
1 part Cocoa Butter
1 part Coconut Oil
1/2 tsp of Vicks Vapour Rub


If you can not obtain coconut oil, then substitute it with apricot or other massage base oils.

Start by melting the ingredients together using a double boiler method. Once all the ingredients are melted, add the vapour rub and stir through.

Pour the mix into suitable molds. Soap molds that are square and basic are great for these lotion bars as they are easy to hold on to.

* Coconut oil can be found at good health food stores.


  1. I’m wondering how you would use this bar. How will it help with colds and flu?

  2. Does this work with colds and flus? My mum and sister have a bit of a cough thing happening and I was just wondering…

    • Beeswax can be found in the hair care section. Murry’s makes a version that is not expensive. Cocoa Butter is in a container that looks like stick glue that the kids use in school.
      But why buy Vicks when essential oils would be as potent as needed.

  3. You can get small tubes of cocoa butter in the pharmacy section of walmart. Also you can get the coconut oil in the food section of walmart.

  4. ” a part” goes by how much you are making…it’s up to you. If you decide one part is one teaspoon…the go by that for the recipe. If you are making more at a time…a part…could mean a tablespoon etc.
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  5. You should probably use pure cocoa butter instead. its more of a solid and works differently than vaseline

  6. I tried to make these last night and i had a little issue. Is there any specific kind of cocoa butter i should be using? I used vasaline cocoa butter because thats what i had here, and it seperated from the wax/coconut oil mixture, and was a gooey blob under the wax in my mould. Any ideas?

  7. Does this actually help with cold and flus?

  8. no i got my beeswax with honey for ab 10 dollars.

  9. is it safe for kids

  10. I really like this, but isn’t beeswax expensive?

  11. a part just means equal amounts, it just depends how much you want to make

  12. You can easily get cocoa butter from any drug store. Its with all the lotions. Usually for stretch marks and dry skin

  13. I was asked once but I don’t see the answer how much is a part? A cup? a half cup? Anybody?

  14. where do you get beeswax and cocoa butter? Especially the cocoa butter . . . I have looked all over town.

  15. CuteBunny116 says

    I have a cold at the moment and would like to try this, but where do u get the beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil from?

  16. kool idea! but what does ‘part’ mean??

  17. I love this and have made several to give at Christmas this year! Thank you!!

  18. I love it so much especially that now I have the flu.

  19. great thing for someone who isnt feeling good!

    your website is the best!!!!

  20. Really Cool idea!

  21. I love it! Incredible!

  22. I would think it could make the vicks work the same or better, the scent (menthol) is the main active thing in Vick’s, as long as you’re enhancing or not reducing the scent too much, it should work just as well, if not better.

  23. Sounds good, but wouldn’t the other ingredients just dilute (and reduce the effectiveness) of the Vick’s?

  24. Very Good Idea!!!

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