Coffee Filter – Bath Sachets

Coffee Filter – Bath Sachets

If you love luxurious bath products but don't love the high prices, making your own bath sachets from simple household materials such as coffee filters can be the perfect solution. These bath sachets can be made from a variety of different filler materials, allowing you to fine-tune them to your exact needs and preferences.

What you need

For each bath sachet, you will need:

1 – Large cone-shaped coffee filter (Bleached and unbleached are both fine)

Sewing thread (You can choose white so that the stitching will be less visible. However, it can also be fun to choose a color that complements your bathroom)

Narrow ribbon (Make sure the ribbon is colorfast, so that it will not fade when placed in water)



One or more of the following bath sachet filler materials:

Epsom salts
Dry rolled oats
Sea salt or Kosher salt
Dried herbs (Such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, or chamomile)
Essential oil(s) in the fragrance of your choice


It’s easy to create a basketful of these pleasurable bath sachets, whether you plan to use them yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift. You’ll find them to be just as luxurious as the bath sachets you can buy at the store, at a much lower price.

1.    Most cone-shaped paper coffee filters are simply crimped along the edges, holding the filter together long enough to make a pot of coffee. To make your bath sachet more durable, sew along the side and bottom edges, leaving the top edges open.

2.    Lay a cone-shaped paper coffee filter on your work surface, with the narrow end facing toward you.

3.    Measure approximately two inches across the bottom of the filter, making a small pencil mark on each side.

4.    Using these marks as a guide, fold the right and left sides of the coffee filter towards the center. Once you’ve performed this step, the coffee filter will be square shaped instead of triangular. Firmly crease the side folds.

5.    Pick up the coffee filter, making sure it stays folded. You can now open the top edge of the filter with your fingers, so that it looks like a small folded cup.

6.    Using a spoon, place approximately three or four tablespoons of the desired filling materials into the sachet.

7.    To make a relaxing bath sachet, use fillers such as dry rolled oats, and dried chamomile or lavender. If you prefer an invigorating bath sachet, use fillers such as sea salt, and dried rosemary or thyme. Epson salts is a good filler ingredient for all bath sachets.

8.    Shake the filling material down into the coffee filter sachet. Then, fold the top edge over, sealing the fillers into the sachet.

9.    Sew across the folded top edge of the sachet to seal. You can also sew a ribbon onto the sachet during this step, so that you can hang the sachet over the bathtub faucet if desired.

10.    You can also add a paper tag to the ribbon before sewing it onto the sachet if desired. Write the sachet ingredients on the tag, so that you can easily choose the one you want later. This can also be a nice added touch if you plan to give the sachet as a gift.

11.    To use the sachet, remove the paper tag, place in a tub of warm water and enjoy.

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  1. I’m planning to make mouse repellent sachets like this using essential oils and vermiculite. Thanks!

  2. craft_girl says

    Keeping a couple of these in the guest bathroom is a cute idea!

  3. Love this craft, going to make this with my friends for my birthday this year!!! 😄

  4. i made this for my mom.

  5. i made this for my mom.

  6. pennyjo1947 says

    As a mother of 5 and grandmother to 16, Christmas comes as a hardship, especially since I have retired. We draw names for gifts, but I also like to give little gifts. Last year I started the tradition of making presents for everyone. This will be a great addition for my female recipients. LOL

  7. LOVE the idea. I intend to make some for a dear friend who finally has a new bathtub and LOVES to take tubbies! She just had a baby too…what a way to relax.

  8. Great idea!!

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