Coat Hanger Cover: Knitted

Coat Hanger Cover: Knitted

This pattern is so simple that with practice you can start making some variations, such as stripes by changing the color every few rows.

What you need

1 ball double
knitting yarn (8 ply)

A wooden coathanger or clothes hanger
A piece of very thin foam
4mm. (No. 8) needles
needle and thread
1 metre of ribbon


First cover the coat hanger or clothes hanger, (depending on what you call them) with a thin layer of foam or toy sheet wadding, or quilt batting.

This makes the edges of your knitted coat hanger nice and soft.

Mark the center of the piece of foam and push the hook of the hanger through this point. Push the foam down the hook so that it lies along the top edge of the hanger.

Thread the needle with double cotton. Draw both edges of the foam over the coat hanger and sew them together along the bottom edge and then at the ends.

Trim the foam if you need to so that the edges just meet try not to overlap the foam as this makes it too bulky.

Cast on 16 stitches using

Cotton Yarn

Knit 10 rows then measure it against the coat hanger to see if it is wide enough.

Carry on knitting the hanger cover until the strip is long enough to cover the hanger without stretching. When you are certain that it is long enough, cast it off.

Mark the center of the knitted strip and slip it gently over the hook.

Before you sew it in place, cover the hook with ribbon by wrapping it around the hook and working down. secure with a few stitches at the bottom or strong craft glue.

Using a wool needle and the same yarn you used for the knitting. Sew the ends together as neatly as possible.

Use feather wool for a lovely soft feather look hanger.

Knitted coat hangers are a lovely handmade gift for a bridal party, as it allows the bride to be to hang her delicate dress on a soft hanger to prevent her dress for having fold lines. Knitted coat hangers are perfect for cashmere sweaters and delicate fabrics too.  You can even add some dried lavender for knitted fragrant clothes hangers.


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