Cinnamon Christmas Star

Cinnamon Christmas Star

This Holiday craft shows you how to use rustic cinnamon sticks to create scented Christmas decorations.

What you need

6 Cinnamon sticks


This is a quick little project for kids of all ages and a fast way to make tree decorations by using half or full sticks of cinnamon.

To make this rustic country Christmas star begin by taking your sticks and laying them on top of each other to form a 5 point star. You do this by creating two triangles.

Secure the ends by adding a dab of glue and binding it with decorative twine.

Do this to all the points of the star.
Glue a loop onto the top so you can hang it.


  1. another great idea

  2. A great idea will use this one.

  3. technically speaking: a pentagram is a 5 sided star made with 5 straight strokes. also, if you look this up in wikipedia, practically every religion and background has some sort of use for a 5 pointed-5 stroke object

  4. very nice my family of 9 will make theese thanks

  5. Honestly speaking most of the christmas tradition were borrowed from pagans including the date.If you consider paganism to be satanic,then you should also celebrate christmas on another day and NOT on Dec 25 . Pagans used to celebrate bruma on this date.And romans used to celebrate Dies Natalis Solis Invicti on the same date.Wiccans also used to celebrate on dec 25 before it was borrowed by church officials.If you have problem with this craft, then you should be NOT celebrate christmas on dec 25.

    • Thank you. Crafting is non-denominational and brings people together. Many symbols have been used over the centuries in different ways and have brought peace. Sometimes a star is just a star. Blessings of light and joy to all.

  6. Gee if you think it’s satanic… THEN DONT MAKE IT

  7. This a really great idea. The six sticks make it easy for the kids to do it themselves.
    I own and operate a daycare and all my kids will be making these for parents and grandparents. Thanks to the person that commented on the rustic decorating ideas.
    This gift is nice and sincere enough for anybody.

  8. I love this craft. I think I shall decorate my job’s tree with these and then have people take them home on Christmas Eve, because I’m sure you could hang them up anywhere after the holidays.

    Few things for a few of you silly people.

    The pentagram was the official seal of the city of Jerusalem for a time.

    This is a pentagram, but not one that is associated with Satanism. Satanism requires upside down pentagrams.

    Upright pentagrams in the religion of Wicca do not have anything to do with Satan. V_V.

    Either way Christmas is not just a day for Christians, so please get over yourself and learn to share a holiday that is great for the economy.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  9. I love this ornament. I think paired with some handmade paper gift tags, brown craft paper, potato stamps, and a bit of maroon paper ribbon, one could whip up some awesome rustic gift wrapping, AND make the room smell amazing.

    (PS do not feed the trolls… the satanic references are meant to be antagonistic – the bummer of the comment feature is it invites people to practice their weak social skills on the rest of us.)

    I am guessing one can get away with only 5 cinnamon sticks for the 5-point star pictured… but I vote you use the sixth for your hot toddy 🙂 Or make the Star of David as described. Either would be lovely. It is a great project. Easy, fast, and cute.

  10. awesome, neet idea.

  11. guess you dont know what a pentagram looks like then…if this were upside down, it would look like one..

  12. satanic? so i suppose when like 50% of the world puts a star on the top of there christmas tree you think its satanic? its a star and its vary cute and i will be making some thanks for the how to

  13. you guys are dumb! satanic? stop over analyzing… weirdos its a cute idea

  14. I don’t think it was meant to be satanic. it’s a craft, you get to chose to do it or not. My kids thought it was fun to make the star that led the wise men to Jesus. They got it.

  15. This is in the shape of a satanic pentagram. I don’t think it is appropriate for CHRISTMAS. Couldn’t you make a Star of David instead?

  16. I love it!!

  17. Think it’s great!!!I loved putting it on my tree.

  18. That is just horrible! Sho would make that and put it on there christmas tree!!!!! Shocking!

  19. very cute, and smells great, perfect for kitchen decoration!

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