Christmas Scene Display

Christmas Scene Display

Create a pretty Christmas scene using cake boards and little Christmas decorations.

What you need

8″ Cardboard Cake Boards, Christmas Paper, Spray Adhesive, Epsom Salt, 3 plastic spools, hot glue, bottle brush trees, plastic animals, fake snow, trim


1. If you don’t have any cakeboards around, you can cut out 8″ circles from cardboard.


2. Cover the tops of your circles in white/cream Christmas themed paper.


3. Spray the top of your papers with spray adhesive and sprinkle epsom salt on top.


4. Take your trim, and adhere it around the edges of your circles.


5. Use hot glue to adhere a plastic spool to the underside of one of your circles.

IMG_6019 IMG_6020

6. Glue another spool to the underside of your second circle, and then a spool on to the first spool so that you have 2 stacked, which makes it taller.


7. Glue the 2 spooled circle to the middle of the bottom circle, as pictured below:


8. Arrange your trees and use hot glue to adhere your bottle brush trees down onto your display.


9. Use hot glue to adhere your plastic animals down. I used deer and a horse.



10. Continue embellishing, adding more trees.


11. Take your display outside and give it a light coating of “fake snow”.



What do you think of this project? Let us know!