Christmas Felt Box

Christmas Felt Box

This Christmas craft project is a decorative and personal way to make your own gift boxes that your loved ones will appreciate.

What you need

Felt in various colors
Embroidery thread
Heavy card or poster board
Craft glue


Cut 6 pieces of felt into 6 inch (15 cm) squares using desired colors of felt.

Make your own Christmas shapes and embroidery them onto each felt square. Leave the bottom square blank as this will not be seen.

Cut 6 pieces of heavy card 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) square and glue to the back of your felt squares. This will give you enough seams to sew with.

Now sew together using embroidery thread and blanket stitch them together to make a square.

Place your blank piece on the bottom and only sew one side of your top piece to form a lid.

Sew a button on for the catch and using embroidery thread or ribbon form a large loop that will hook over the button to form a closure. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to go over the button.

You can fill your Christmas box with sweets or gifts or you can ever make smaller ones for tree ornaments.

Christmas Felt Box Open


  1. This is adorable and so quick & simple to do, that even I can do it. Not just for Christmas either with different colors and themes.
    Thanks for a great idea.

  2. what a great simple idea,

  3. This is the cutest idea ever! I love it!!

  4. I think this is a really neat craft.

  5. looks like a quick project that is as elementary or complex as you choose to make it! Thanks

  6. This is just wonderful. It’s a great gift for kids to give. I rateit as excellent.

  7. I love this one. Greatfor kids to put little things in.

  8. Love it! I’m going to try to make this during my free time!

  9. this will be grat for the kids to make as gifts

  10. This is a really lovely idea. Thanks. I will be trying this!

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