Christmas Candle Poem

Christmas Candle Poem

This free craft project shows you how to make a fun Christmas gift which is perfect for secret Santa and stocking fillers.

What you need

Small Christmas Candle
Printed Poem


Simply print out and attach the poem to the candle.

A Christmas Candle

This is a Christmas candle
To light but once a year
It is the time for giving
Excitement and good cheer

A time to think of others
I hope you’ll shed a tear
For those who live in poverty
Or those who live in fear

Think about the children
Scattered around this land
Who never know what Christmas is
Just try to understand

Be thankful for your blessings
Keep your family near
Give them all an extra hug
It’s only once a year.

This poem is an original creation by Rita Wilson and can not be re-printed online in any other form. It is exclusive to for the personal use of its readers.


  1. Love this poem. Where did you get the little candle?

  2. Dolores Kline says

    Would like a printout of the poem

  3. i liked this project very much and it made a great git for my mum and gran

  4. This poem says it all,it is just beautiful,thank you for passing this onto others!

  5. This was a very moving poem, but very true

  6. Adorable!!!

  7. This is a great project thanks!

  8. Cool, awesome gift for my grandma

  9. What a neat little craft! I loved the poem!!! Thanks for all the crafty ideas!!!!

  10. This little poem really touched my heart!

  11. I love this, it’s a great stocking stuffer and a reminder of what the season should be about

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