Chilli Pepper Wreath

Chilli Pepper Wreath

Chili peppers are commonly used in cooking, but they are also as beautiful and decorative as they are spicy and delicious. Chili pepper decorations can be quite attractive when used in the home.

What you need

3-wire wreath form, sized about 8 to 14 inches across (larger wreaths look best with larger peppers, while a smaller wreath will work best for smaller peppers)
Large sewing needle
Heavy carpet thread
Pruning shears or strong scissors
#22 gauge floral wire
Plenty of dried peppers (probably about 75 to 100, more if you want a very full wreath)
Ribbon (enough to make a bow)


This wreath can look especially decorative as part of a Southwestern decorating theme. If you grow your own chili peppers, you can dry your own to use for this wreath. Or, purchase dried chili peppers strings at a kitchen supply or craft store to use.

1.    If you are drying your own peppers, pick them on a dry sunny day. Use pruning shears to cut them from the plants so that you do not damage them. Using a large sewing needle and heavy carpet thread, string the peppers together by pushing the needle through the center of each pepper. Hang the strings of peppers horizontally in a dry location, such as in the attic between the rafters. Make sure the peppers are spaced out enough so that they can dry. Dry enough strings of peppers to equal approximately 75 to 100 peppers, or more if you want to make a larger or very full wreath.

2.    If you are purchasing dried peppers, be sure they are already strung on a string. Purchase enough strings to equal at least 75 to 100 peppers.

3.    Starting with one string of peppers, wrap it around the wire wreath form, securing when needed with floral wire. You can flip the wreath over to tie the floral wire from the back to make this step easier, and to avoid the wire showing on the front of the wreath. Keep the peppers pushed close enough together so that you don’t see the wire wreath form. Keep wrapping the strings of peppers until all of the wreath form is covered.

4.    Once the wreath form is completely covered, use the ribbon to make a decorative bow. Attach the bow to the bottom of the wreath using floral wire.  If desired, accent the bow with a natural decoration, such as a bundle of dried flowers or a head of dried garlic.

5.    Use a small piece of ribbon or cord to make a small loop on the back of the ring so that you can hang it.

6.    Hang your wreath on the wall and enjoy.

Jessica Ackerman is a freelance writer and works for She shares her wealth of knowledge on tropical wall hangings and outdoor wall art decorations.


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