Knitted Funky Mitts For Children

Knitted Funky Mitts For Children

This free knitting project shows you how to make children's winter mitts.

What you need

7.5mm needles
8 ply (double worsted yarn)

Size 6-18mths


This project has a matching Bobble Pom Pom Hat.

Cast on 20sts

Garter stitch 6 rows

Next row K 6 stitches and turn.

Work another 4 rows on these 6 stitches
Next row k2 together. K to the end. (5sts)
Repeat last row (4sts)

Cast off. Break of Yarn, now begin to knit on the next (8sts)

This will be the thumb

Garter stitch 4 rows.

K2 tog to the end (4 sts)

Break off the yarn and thread through remaining 4 sts.
Now continue on the last 6 sts work 4 rows on these.

Next row

K to last 2 stitches k 2 tog. (5 sts)

Next row
K2 tog k to the end. (4sts)

Cast off.

The center 8 stitches are the thumb, fold the mitt in half.

Sew down the edge of the thumb and then the finger section.


  1. these are so cute !!!! I can’t wait to make them. Thanks so much

  2. watergoddess1998 says


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