Make A Chic Tote

Easy and Fun to Sew. This tote has 1 Inside Pocket for Cell Phone or Blackberry and uses a Velcro for closure.

Make A Chic Tote

What you need

3/4 -yard fabric for outside of tote & inside pocket
3/4 -yard fabric for tote lining & outside pocket lining
3/8 -yard fabric for outside pocket & straps
1-yard fusible fleece
8" strip of Velcro

Supplies needed:
All purpose thread to match fabric Scissors & Rotary Cutter
Sewing Machine

Read through entire pattern before starting to sew

Remove all pins before sewing over them.
All seams are a 1/4".

Cutting Fabric:
Cut 2-15" w x 15" h- outside tote fabric Cut 2- 15" w x 17" h- lining tote fabric Cut 1- 8" x 8" outside pocket fabric Cut 1-8" x 10" outside pocket lining Cut 2- 6" x 6" inside pocket fabric Cut 2- 2" x 36" strips of fabric for straps Cut 2- 15" x 15" fusible fleece
Cut 2- 15" x 17" fusible fleece


Finished Size Approximately 9″ w x 13″ h, Straps have an 17″ drop

Ironing on Fusible Fleece and Cutting Corners:

1) Take the 2- 15″ x 15″ outside fabric cuts and the 2- 15″ x 17″ lining fabric cuts and iron on fusible fleece following manufactures directions.


2) Cut a 3″ x 3″ square out of each corner on the 15″ side of the outside fabric cuts and the lining fabric cuts.


3) Outside fabric and lining fabric should look like the pictures.


Outside Pocket:

1) Take the outside pocket fabric and the outside lining pocket fabric and place them right sides together. The lining is going to be 2″ longer, match raw edges at the top, pin and sew the top of the pocket.


2) Match raw edges at the bottom of the pocket, pin and sew.


3) Press the pocket, approximately 1″ of the lining fabric will come up at the top of the pocket. Pin and sew the sides leaving a 2″ opening for turning.


4) Turn pocket right sides out through the 2″ opening.


5) Press and hand stitch opening closed. Next, topstitch the top seam of pocket.


6) Find the middle of one side of an outside fabric cut, by folding it in half.


7) Find the middle of the pocket by folding it in half.


8) Center the pocket on the outside fabric cut and place it 2″ down from the top.


9) Pin the pocket in place and sew close to the edge, on the sides and bottom of pocket.


10) The outside pocket is done.


Inside Pocket

1) Place the 2-6″ x 6″ inside pocket fabric cuts right sides together.


2) Sew the top, sides and at the bottom leave a 2″ opening for turning.


3) Turn pocket right sides out through the 2″ opening.


4) Hand stitch the opening closed, press and topstitch the top seam.


5) Take a lining cut, fold it half to find the middle and fold the pocket in half to find the middle. Center the pocket and pin it in place 3 1/2″ from the top of a lining cut.


6) Sew close to the edge of the sides and bottom of the pocket.



1) Take one piece of the velcro, center by folding cut in half & place it 2″ down from the top of a lining cut. Pin and sew a zigzag stitch, all around it, to secure velcro in place.


2) Take the other piece of velcro and sew it to the other lining cut the same way.



1) Take the 2- 2″ x 36″ strips of fabric for straps and fold raw edges to meet in the middle.


2) Press.


3) Fold the strip of fabric again, making a 1/2″ strap and press. Sew close to both long edges.


4) Measure in 4″ on one side of an outside fabric cut, place raw edge of strap to raw edge of fabric. Pin in place and sew a zigzag stitch to secure.


5) Make sure the strap is straight, place and pin the other side of the strap to the other end of the fabric cut the same way.


6) Next, take the other outside fabric cut and sew the straps on the same way.



1) Place the outside fabric cuts right sides together.


2) Sew the sides and the bottom, leaving the top and corners open.


3) At the corners.


4) Match side and bottom seams and sew.


5) Turn right sides out.


6) Place the lining fabric cuts right sides together.


7) Sew the sides and at the bottom leave a 3″ opening for turning. Leave the top open and sew the corners the same as the outside of the tote. Leave the lining wrong sides out.


8) Place the outside of the tote inside the lining with the 3″ opening, (right sides together). Make sure straps stay inside, pin all around the top of the tote, sew and backstitch over straps.


9) Turn right sides out through the 3″ opening and hand stitch the opening closed. The lining is going to come up approximately 1″, press all around the top of the tote and the rest of the tote for a crisp look.


10) Your Chic Tote is done and looks great!



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