CD Greeting Card

CD Greeting Card

Make a CD greeting card out of an old CD.

What you need

Old Unused CD,
CD Pens,
Cellophane Tape,


Take the CD.

Using scissors cut it into half exactly at the centre.

You will have 2 semi-circles.

Using sticky tape secure the join as if you were trying to stick it back together into a circle.

Then you can use cd pens to write your invitation or print off a design.

For this project we cut a circle out of paper and decorated it using stickers and pens.

All done!


  1. cool. my gramma is sick

  2. What band is on the CD? I’m quite curious.

  3. krazy_krafter says

    I’ll try that!!! Sounds pretty cool!

  4. very innovative… will try.

  5. Looks pretty cool! Is it dificult to cut through the c.d.?

  6. i have to make ’em

  7. I had a lot of fun doing it

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