Cardboard Gift Tags

Cardboard Gift Tags

Instead of purchasing ordinary printed gift tags at the store, you can create your own natural looking tags from scraps of cardboard.

What you need

For each gift tag you will need:
One piece of sturdy non-corrugated cardboard, big enough for the desired tag size
Several pieces of contrasting cardboard (corrugated cardboard works well for this, since it has an interesting texture)
Several yards of natural colored raffia
Tacky craft glue
Strong scissors
Small holed paper punch
Large-eyed yarn needle
Heavy book (to use as a weight)
Piece of waxed paper or aluminum foil
Paper cutter (optional)


These tags are beautiful, interesting to look at, and a good way of using up pieces of cardboard which would otherwise simply be thrown away. It’s the perfect “scrap craft” to use when you want to recycle cardboard. These tags are so pretty that you might want to create greeting cards to match, to go along with your gift.

1.    Use the ruler to measure and mark the proper size and shape for the gift tag on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Then, cut the shape out using the scissors or a paper cutter. This will be the base of your gift tag. You can also make a tag that opens up so that you can write inside by cutting out a tag that is twice as wide as the finished size of the tag. Then, fold it in half like a book.

2.    Use the scissors to cut interesting shapes and designs out of the other cardboard scraps. Lay the pieces on the gift tag, moving them around until you form a pleasing design.

3.    Use the small paper punch to make a small hole at the top of the tag. This hole will be used to attach the tag to the package.

4.    Then use the paper punch to make a design of holes on one or more of the cardboard cutout shapes.

5.    Measure a piece of raffia about a foot long. Fold it in half, and push the folded portion through the loop at the top of the tag. Then, pass the loose ends of the raffia through the loop, pulling to form a knot at the top of the tag. Tie the loose ends of the raffia together at the desired length, and trim the ends.

6.    Thread a piece of raffia through a large-eyed yarn needle. Then, use this to sew a design through the other holes you punched in the cardboard shapes. Start on the back of the shape so that the loose end will not show. When you are done sewing the design, pull the other loose end to the back of the shape. You can secure the loose ends with a bit of glue or a small piece of scotch tape.

7.    Use the tacky craft glue to attach the cardboard shapes to the tag base.

8.    Place the gift tags on a flat surface, protected by waxed paper or aluminum foil. Then, place another piece of waxed paper or foil on top. Place a heavy book on top as a weight to hold the tag flat until the glue has dried.

9.    Tie your tag on your gift, make a matching gift card if desired, and give your present to the lucky recipient.

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  1. love this…I will give it a try

  2. A lot of work for something that gets thrown out.

  3. A lot of work for something that gets thrown out.

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