Cardmaking Idea – Lovely Flower Button

Cardmaking Idea – Lovely Flower Button

This card is so cute. Get the kids to help you make this card.

What you need

5 x 7 brown folded greeting card with envelope
4.5 x 6.5 pink cardstock paper
4 strips of brown cardstock paper; different lengths for the stems of the flowers
4 different styles of flower embellishments with buttons for the center
“lovely” embellishment
Craft stick glue


Start by gluing your pink cardstock onto your brown greeting card paper.

Once you have done that, glue and place your brown stems onto the pink cardstock (make sure the stems are different lengths, to make the card look unique).

Now, place your flower embellishments directly over your brown stems.

And last but not least, place your “lovely” embellishment on the top right hand side corner.


  1. Sweet looking card!

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