Cardmaking – Lazy Daisy

Cardmaking – Lazy Daisy

Create a paper card with the picture of a daisy using these simple directions.

What you need

5 1/2″ x 8″ inches brown or orange Cardstock
Brown or orange embroidery floss
Green embroidery floss
White embroidery floss
1 1/4″ x 2″ muslin


1. Take your muslin and draw a flower on it.

2. Use brown or orange embroidery floss for the petals and use the Lazy Daisy stitch.

3. Use white embroidery floss for the center of the flower using the Satin stitch.

4. Use green embroidery floss for the stem of the flower using a Backstitch.

5. Fold your cardstock in half

6. Fray the edges of the fabric a tiny bit.

7. Glue the flower on the front of the card


  1. Cute, Simple, Easy, Quick. Can be done in any color palette. If one isn’t familiar with the stitches, a little research will solve that. Both internet and local libraries are good sources.

  2. its okay, a little plain.

  3. good idea but feel instructions would be a little better if you would include simple how to make for each of the stitches used in making the flower.

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