Card Making – Always Wedding

Card Making – Always Wedding

A simple homemade card for a wedding.

What you need

5 by 7 white folded greeting card with envelope
5 by 7 brown cardstock
4 by 6 blue & brown decorated paper
“Always” wedding matching embellishment
Blue & brown ribbon
Craft stick glue
3D foam dots


First begin by gluing the brown cardstock onto the greeting card.

Then on top of that, glue your blue & brown decorated paper.

Carefully place your ribbon, using the 3D foam dots, right in the center of the card just as pictured.

Now, directly on top of the ribbon, place your “always” embellishment.

All done!


  1. Quite frankly, if I couldn’t make better than that, I’d buy one!

  2. This is simple but beautiful! Would make a great Happy Anniversary card!

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