Burlap Bunny Pocket Pillow

Burlap Bunny Pocket Pillow

Use a bit of burlap and felt to make this festive and fun Easter pillow!

What you need

Burlap, Felt, Sewing Machine, Stuffing, pom pom


1. Cut 2 burlap pieces at 14″x4″ and 1 burlap piece that is 14″x7″. So you have 2 squares and a rectangle. You’ll also need a sheet of pink felt and a white pom pom


2. Find a silhouette or a pattern of a bunny online and print it out to use as a template, or free hand a bunny out of felt.



3. Hem the top edge of the pocket piece of burlap. That is the 14″x7″ piece.




4. Place the pocket on top of the front burlap square and then place the bunny on top of that. Cut the bunny in half along the top edge of the pocket, as pictured below:



5. Pin the bunny head onto the front pillow piece and the bunny body onto the pocket piece. Stitch those down by sewing around the edges of the felt.


6. Place the pocket piece on top of the front pillow piece. Place the back pillow piece face down on top of the pocket and front pillow piece. Pin.


7. Stitch around the edges giving it a 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 4″ section un sewn to slip.

8. Flip right side out and stuff.


9. Stitch the opening closed using a needle and thread.

My pocket had shifted down a little bit when I sewed it, so I had a gap between my bunny body and head. This was easily fixed with a small piece of felt.

IMG_8406 IMG_8407


All done! Happy Easter!!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!