Bread Basket & Napkin Holders

Bread Basket & Napkin Holders

This Christmas sewing pattern shows you how to make a fabric bread basket and napkin set.

What you need

1/2 mtr each of Christmas fabric and plain contrast fabric.
12 buttons (or 2 mts of ribbon)
2 mts of thin elastic (if you are using buttons)


First, start by printing the Christmas Bread Basket Pattern.

Cut out all your pieces – (cut 4) 12 inch x 9 inch for the serviette pouches in Christmas fabric and contrast.

For the large basket – Cut one piece 22 inch x 17 inch out of Christmas fabric and contrast fabric.

For the small basket – cut one piece 17inch x 15 inch out of Christmas fabric  and contrast fabric

Serviette pouches

Place the Christmas fabric and the contrast fabric together. Stitch together on three sides (the two short sides and one long side).

Now turn inside out , with the contrast facing you, bring the two short sides together and stitch together leaving a gap at the top (so you can turn it back once you have finished).

Stitch across the bottom finish with a zig-zag stitch (this will be in the inside).

Press, then turn one corner back to show the contrast fabric, stitch a button on to hold it down.

If you are making the small basket with ties, fold back and secure with a stitch and a tie on top.

The bread basket

Cut out 2 pieces 22 x 17 one in Christmas fabric and one in contrast.

Now refer to your instruction page for the cutting out of the corners.

Once you have cut it out stitch the two pieces together leave a gap for turning.

Turn your basket right side. Stitch up the gap.

 Turn the top over to show the contrast fabric on the four sides. Then press in place with the iron.

 Stitch the eight buttons in place on each corner. Make four loops with elastic I used thin red elastic.

 That’s it finished!

It would make a nice gift for someone you know. Or just a nice table decoration for you and your guests.

bread basket 2


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