Braided Pet Toy

Braided Pet Toy

Use some left over yarn and create this easy to make pet toy

What you need

* Yarn of any colors you want, but none dyed is the best for your pet.

* Scissors


1. Get the yarn you like, cut the yarn into a suitable length for the size of pet you have (must have extra width because it’ll be smaller than when you cut it). You’ll need nine pieces of the same size yarn. (Mine is just an example of how it looks, it can be bigger)

2. Take three pieces of yarn first. Tie a knot at one end leaving a lot of room to braid. Braid it until you have at least an inch and a half room to tie a knot at the end.

3. Repeat step 2 until all nine pieces of yarn are braided.

4. Tie all of your braids together at the top, braid all THOSE braids together and knot at the end.

(You could tie several knots in your braided braids for a better grip)


  1. i like this as much as i like pets

  2. This is a great way to play with your pet!!!!!!

  3. umm its a string…
    i make heaps of it
    it sits there

  4. is this a pet toy!!!!

  5. This is so awesome and cute
    it’s a great idea
    ireally love it I made tons of it

  6. Dear “Stitches”: Disregard the “soo “stupidd” comment. That Guest is soo fulll of him/herselfff with that hurtful, non-constructive statement.

    RE: the project, I’ve seen this also done with three wide strips of different-patterned fabric.

  7. this is soo stupidd

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