Bracelet – Pom Pom

Bracelet – Pom Pom

Make pom poms using a fork and then attach a gold chain for a fashionista finish to this simple bracelet.

What you need

Dark blue yarn
Cream white yarn
Iron chain
Steel fork
Wire cutter
Flat nose plier



Step 1: prepare three pompoms

1st, wrap white yarn around steel fork several times;

2nd, pick another piece of white yarn, tie the above wraps and secure them;

3rd, cut the yarns wraps at both sides;


4th, remove the pompom off fork.

Repeat the step and make the rest.

Step 2: attach pompoms to iron chain

1st, sew pompoms together with needle;


2nd, at both sides sew jump rings on;

3rd, attach iron chain to sides and add clasp to ends.

So the bracelet is done.

Submitted by PandaHall

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