Bohemian Gypsy Mirror: Ikea Hack

Bohemian Gypsy Mirror: Ikea Hack

This Gypsy bohemian inspired tutorial shows you how to hack an Ikea clock and turn it into something unique and Boho.

What you need

1 Ikea clock
1 can of Rustoleum Mirror Effects Spray Paint
1 Boho Styled Fashion Belt
Craft Glue



For this project I used an Ikea clock I had lying around that wasn’t working.

I removed the back of the clock and began my project. It’s hard to tell on the photograph but the mirror is perfectly reflective.

Start by following the instructions on the Rust-oleum Mirror Effect spray can available from Bunnings, Lowes, or other hardware stores. (Basically you clean, then dry the glass and begin spraying).

Once your mirror has been created you can glue the backing back into position or leave it off: this is entirely up to you. We will use the belt to create the hanger.

I picked up this leather belt from a discount store, but you can use a solid strap or traditional style belt to suit your decor tastes.

Glue the belt into position so that the mirror hangs securely. For a gypsy effect you may wish to add some tassels, feathers or charms off the bottom of the belt.

Allow to dry completely before hanging.

All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!