Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace

Learn how to make a bib necklace with these step-by-step directions.

What you need

Piece of floral fabric


Puff paint


Stain Ribbon

Hot glue gun


step1: decide the shape for your bib necklace

Spread the fabric you chosen on a desk and trace the shape you want for your bib necklace with a pen.

step2: cut out the chosen portion

Trim it along with the line marked in step1.

step3: shape the sheared section

In order to make you bib necklace a great shape, you need to glue the sheared section onto the felt further.

step4: glue on the Stain Ribbon

Find two balance points on your sheared bib-shape pendant, glue on the Stain Ribbon between layers.

step5: trim out the bib-shape part again

Similarity cut out your necklace along with the edge.

step6: ending decorate process

Enhance the light and eye-catching points by puffing them. Or you can also try some pieces of bling bling Rhinestone beads. In a word, all may depend on your own preference.


Submitted by Mike Stone. Thanks!


  1. Carolyn McConkey says

    I love the bib its different and I have not seen with the puffed paint!! Looking for something to make for all these babies I have around me.

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