Beating Hearts Card

Beating Hearts Card

This card would be nice with a small print or floral fabric as the backdrop. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

What you need

Red cardboard
White cardboard
Tartan fabric
Parchment paper


To make this card take your white cardboard and fold it into your chosen card size.

Take the red card and cut out your heart shape.

We used a heavy tartan fabric that we could fray the edges of to give it a rustic look.

We then cut a square of parchment paper and placed it over the fabric. It is hard to see by the photo but, the white transparent paper creates a nice layered effect.

Before we placed the red heart onto the paper we glued a small square of foam so that the heart will sit out from the card giving it dimension.

Try placing a white heart on a red card for a different effect. Try a pink heart with white card and a nice floral print to sit upon.


  1. this is a very a very cool project i didi it a it turned out very great….<3

  2. Oh my GOD! this is like totally awsome. me and my best friend (my only friend)teddy bear make this in our free time. it’s #1 on my list. you should sooooo…. try it. I LOVE IT!

  3. Nice One and easy too….!

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