Beaded Friendship Bracelets For Kids To Make

Beaded Friendship Bracelets For Kids To Make

This DIY craft tutorial shows you how to make your own bracelets using letter beads to create friendship bracelets, name bracelets and quotes. This is a perfect activity for children, teens and adults.

What you need

glass seed beads
White alphabet round beads
Bead needle
0.5 mm elasticity stretch bead cord
E6000 Glue
Measuring tape or ruler


Beading is a great activity for children and teenagers to pursue, as it offers a variety of benefits. Not only is making bead bracelets a creative and fun pastime for kids and teens, but it also helps to develop and improve fine motor skills.

The repetitive nature of beading is very calming and helps to relax the mind. Combining and threading the beads together helps to keep the mind focused and can be a great way to unwind after a long day. It is also a great way to encourage children to practice patience, as it can take some time to finish a bracelet.

Beading can also help to improve children’s hand-eye coordination. By threading the beads onto the string, they must use their visual and tactile senses to ensure that they are correctly placed. This helps to improve their dexterity and can be a great skill to have for when they are older.

Not only is beading great for helping children develop their fine motor skills, but it is also a great way for them to express themselves. Beading can help children to explore their creative side and make unique pieces that are all their own. They can use different colors, shapes, and materials to create something that reflects their own style.

Making bead bracelets can be a great activity for children and teenagers of all ages. Not only is it a fun and creative way for them to express themselves, but it also helps to develop their fine motor skills and can be very calming and relaxing.

Let’s get on with this activity!

1. Cut a 9-inch piece of elastic cord, make a loose knot on one end, and attach the other end to the beading needle.

2. Refer to the size chart and arrange your beads on the table next to the ruler in the desired sequence. This way, if you want a name in the middle, you can be sure it will be even on both sides.

3. Pick up the beads with your bead needle and slide them onto your cord.

4. When all of the beads are in the right arrangement on the string, grab the two ends of the cord and make an elastic cord knot (see photo 6) near the beads and pull tight.

5. Follow the directions of the e6000 glue, dab the knot into the glue, and let it dry. This step will prevent the beads from falling off if stretched on too big of a wrist.

Bracelet Size guide:
XS – 6.25”
S- 6.50”
M- 6.75”
L- 7”
XL- 7.25”

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