Beach Bucket Makeover

Beach Bucket Makeover

This tutorial shows you how to makeover a plastic bucket from K-mart, Walmart or the Dollar store and turn it into a chic beach bucket.

What you need

Plastic Bucket
Gold Vinyl Polka Dots
Gold Sharpie
Craft Glue
Clear Spray varnish (optional)


For this tutorial I used a store bought flexible carry bucket ($4) and ready made set of vinyl polka dot stickers that I purchased online for a few dollars. I was tired of taking my boring bucket to swimming lessons week after week. So I decided a revamp was in order.


You could use a stencil and spray paint your dots on if you like. I went for the vinyl because I have an issue with getting things perfectly round. You could use the dots to spray over and then remove for a perfect circle or you can just add the dots.

I started by laying out my dots and making sure they were evenly spaced. I used a dab of craft glue on the back of all the dots for extra adhesion. I don’t want the hot sun lifting them.

I used my Gold oil-based Sharpie  to freehand the word “Splash” onto my bucket. You could change this to anything you want.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!