Bath Tub Scrubber

Bath Tub Scrubber

These Bath tub scrubs are much like a body puff except these are for scrubbing the bath tub clean.

What you need

1 yard (1m) of Nylon tulle
Strong thread


Using your tulle lay it out flat and turn over a hem of 5 inches. Keep folding it over in 5 inch sections till it is completely folded into a long 5 inch wide pile of tulle.

Pin it to secure and using a strong thread sew the middle of the length together tightly.

Cut the edges of the length to remove and folds and using a running/gathering stitch sew from one end to the other.

Draw up the tulle into a puff that fits into your hand and secure with stitches.

Pull the puff around to open up the layers and to create a nice circular puff.

Trim it into a ball with some sharp scissors.

Use this puff for cleaning and scrubbing your bath.

The same pattern can be used with a softer tulle to make puff’s suitable for the body.

Image courtesy: Krebs’ Class via Flickr


  1. I love this idea! Going to make it tonight!

  2. Instead of tulle, why not use the net bags that veggies and fruits come in? Would that not be recycling at its best?

  3. It looks very nice & soft.

  4. Very creative! at first i thought it was for your body that would hurt! i will bookmark it and make it when i have the extra time! THANKS!!!

  5. plump-pudding says

    I really like the sound of these. They’ll certainly bring some glamour to scrubbing the bath!

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