Bath Syrup – Basic

Bath Syrup – Basic

This is a simple bath recipe to turn a basic bubble bath into a luxurious bath syrup.

What you need

1.7 pints (1 litre) of bubble bath
10-15 drops of essential or fragrance oil
Liquid coloring
2 cups of glycerin


You can buy your ready made bubble bath from any supermarket store.

If you are going to change the color of your bubble bath then you will need to find a clear bubble bath to use as the base.

Start by pouring out your store bought bubble bath and placing it into a large clean jug so you can add the ingredients.

Take your bubble bath base and add your essential oils and the glycerin. Add the food color at this stage if you wish to change the color.

If you are transferring your bath syrup into a new decorative bottle, then make sure your decorative glass bottle or jar is clean. If you are using a clear glass then you will be able to see the glycerin when it naturally separates so keep that in mind. All you do is shake before use.

Using a steady hand, pour your luxurious bath syrup into the new bottle.

This is a great way to make quick personal gifts. Decorate the jar with a spoon or scoop to drizzle it into the bath.

To use: Shake and add 1-2 tbs of syrup to warm running water.


  1. The glycerin will thin most bubble baths as well as separate. Might as well stick with the bubble bath and just color and scent how you like it.

  2. Love this recipe.

  3. the glycerin will always seperate from the manufactured bubble bath. A clear bottle would not be suitable, it would show the seperation..

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