Bat Napking Ring

Bat Napking Ring

These bat napkin rings are made out of toilet paper roll, some paper or paint and your imagination.

What you need

Toilet roll
Orange & black paper or lightweight cardstock
Wiggle eyes


Step 1: Take your toilet roll and either paint it orange or glue some orange card stock/paper around it. By using the paper it helps to disguise that its a recycled toilet roll. It’s easier to paint or cover the full roll and cut it down later to make 3 napkin rings at once. However, if you only want 1 napkin ring cut the toilet roll into 3 first.

Toilet Paper Roll Wrap It Up

Step 2: Cut your toilet roll into 3 to make 3 napkin rings.

Take your black cardstock and cut a bat out.

We have not provided you with a template because it’s easier to just cut these out freehand.

If kids are making the projects you can pre-cut these shapes out for them. Folding your paper will make it easier to cut multiple ones at once.

Alternatively, you could use rubber bats from a party store or even stickers.

Glue the bat onto the ring and attach the eyes.

All done!


  1. Its Perfect, Simple, Easy, Cost-Free, and you can add additional things to make it better.

  2. I think this would be perfect for an easy kids craft in a classroom. The kids could easily finish them in one sitting and be able to make more than one. Too complex though for the guest who thinks it is a bad craft.

  3. wwooww!!

  4. photobug1982 says

    I think it rocks! I don’t think its the worst craft ever.

  5. ummm i think the idea is that its for kids. when i was a kid we always used TP rolls and Paper towel rolls for craft projects at school and in the girl scouts.

  6. Not worst craft. One geared to the younger gen. I am having a Halloween party for my daughter’s friends. For six-year olds, this is perfect! She wants to help make them and impress her friends. Thanks for the idea!

  7. This is the worst craft EVER, who would want to use a toilet paper role for a craft! IT STINKS!

  8. its perfect for preschoolers because their imagination takes a simple craft and turns it into a super hero communication device…lol…i work with kids so this is a very cute idea :o)

  9. This is the worst craft EVER, who would want to use a toilet paper role for a craft! IT STINKS!

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