Basic Recipe In A Jar Instructions

Basic Recipe In A Jar Instructions

This recipe is the basis for all of our gifts in a jar recipes. Follow the basic recipe here and then modify according to each individual recipe.

What you need

See below.


These recipes for gifts in a jar, make great gifts for friends and family for every occasion from Christmas to birthdays, to Mother’s day and even just a pick me up for someone who is feeling down.

For these recipes you will need a jar that holds around 1 quart or 1.130 litres.

If your jar is airtight add the ingredients directly otherwise place them into an airtight or ziplock bag and attach the recipe card instructions.

Tie the whole jar up with some cellophane or add some curling ribbons and a bow to finish off this gift.

Now follow instructions in your actual recipe or look for some ideas on our Gifts In A Jar Page.

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