Bandana Purse

Bandana Purse

These bandana purses are really easy to make. And they look great!

What you need

sewing pins
Ribbon for strap


Cut the bandana in half:

Cut from that half a two inch strip, and then cut the sides from the top and bottom of that strip… 6.5 inches each:

Pin the side pieces to the main piece:

Sew it up… I used 1/4 inch seams… if you want you can just hem the edges and sew a strap on.

I sewed up another one in an opposite color and sew it on as a lining being careful to pin the strap in and sew it all right. If you do this you have to leave a spot unsewn so you can flip it.

The strap is a separate piece.

I usually use a wide ribbon or some webbing about a yard and a half (depending on how long you want it). You can either leave the sides unsewn where the strap goes and sew it on after you flip it or you can pin the strap on and sew it as you go

This project was contributed by Sarah


  1. i dont understand it you have to make it more clear!

  2. ok

  3. These directions are very vague. Unfortunately, from these directions, I couldn’t get the project done. I think the picture is really cute, though.

  4. Didn’t understand the directions that well.

  5. It is so cute! I always wanted to sew! Maybe my mom will let me do this with one of her old bandanas! i always prick my fingers on Girl Scout patches!

  6. Huh??? I got lost after cut the bandana in half, now I have 2 halves of one bandana, hmmm what to do.

  7. good idea, but I couldn’t understand the instructions.

  8. Sewing

  9. Could not understand or follow the directions. Might have been easier if fabrics were different colors to make it clear how pieces fit together. We improvised and got it together but doesn’t look like the photo:-)

  10. I didn’t understand how to do it…..But I bet if I keep trying, then I might get it…. 🙂

  11. The directions are hard to understand.
    But I did finaly understand. I loved the idea.

  12. just luv it.
    looks cool but how big is the bandana supposed to be?

  13. the Instructions are kind of hard to understand, but it’s a great idea!

  14. This is a great idea but I agree the instruxctions are a bit confusing, can you redo them and make them clearer pls?

  15. A wonderful project idea, but the instructions could have been clearer and more professional.

  16. great project we used for a troop badge5768

  17. This is really confusing and I’m a beggining sewer so could you try to make it just a tiny bit clearer? It’s very cute.

  18. This is really cute but I’m having a hard time undrstanding the instructions. Luckily the pictures help a little.

  19. i think its cute and saves money on nice purses

  20. uh…looks cute in pic…but i have NO clue what to do cuz the directions are unclear…well, at least it has pics!

  21. this thing is off the chain . this is a good idea

  22. Great idea but the instructions are unclear.

  23. imagination power is owsome

  24. beautiful!!!!!!! i love mine so much i sleep with it in my bed! it’s so cozy….

  25. neet idea!

  26. i really like this! it was soo easy!

  27. Professional looking! Great job.

  28. This craft bag thingy is so cool!

  29. now this is a great idea for those old bandanas and its great for kids to carry their toys in while travelling

  30. Lovely Purse and good idea using a bandana

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