Baby – Tuffy Knots Blanket

Baby – Tuffy Knots Blanket

This tuffy knots baby blanket is a NO Sew blanket that's so easy to make a child could make it. In fact it's great to get a child to tie all the knots for you.

What you need

Polar fleece in contrasting colors
Sharp Scissors


No Sew Blanket

No Sew Blanket

You will need contrasting fabric, in this project we have used a purple polar fleece and a nursery embroided cream polar fleece.

Your blanket can be any size but this project is 35inch (90cm) x 23 inch (60cm).

You then take your sharp scissors and cut a 1.5 inch (3.5cm) cut every 1 inch (2.5cm) around the blanket as shown. This creates the tags that you will then tie together to make the knots.

If your scissors are super sharp you can cut through both layers of the blanket at one time to speed the process up and make alignment easier.

Once all your cuts are made, take the tags from a top layer and a bottom layer and tie them together. Make sure you tie them into a secure knot or it will come undone in the wash.

Babies can play and tug at the knots making it a fun little blanket.


  1. ty 2 of these 2gether to make a sleeping bag then attatch a tyed pillow

  2. tomgirl1219 says

    this is such a great projetc. i made a blanket for my teacher and her husband loved it so much thatwhen she woke up the nextday, she found it on her bed cause her husband had been sleeping with it! 🙂

  3. Looks pretty easy……… May try it…… Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. oraclelady says

    I’ve been making this kind of blanket for years, and it is always a hit!!! You can also do it with just one layer of fleece, (not quite as heavy as 2) and instead of tying the tabs from top layer to bottom, you can just knot each one individually, or tie each tab to the one next to it. I LOVE the idea of “square patches”, though I’d only do that to the top layer, and leave the bottom layer as a solid piece. Fab project!!!

  6. Besides cutting a square out of each corner,,, if you on each of the corners,,take a tab from one corner and cross over to tye with the other corner,,,it makes a more nice and more secure corner.

  7. JanessaFaith says

    Love it! But one question- Do you stuff it? In the finished picture it looks like it’s stuffed, but it isn’t mentioned in the directions… ? Thanks!

  8. Patty Bungay says

    I actually made these for my grandchildren last Christmas and they loved them. So did their parents…..they want one too….and they are so easy to make! I love your website too…so many crafts to pick from.

  9. These are so awesome and FUN for Mom & child(ren) to make together. For a longer crafting session, you can buy several different materials & use same principle with “square patches” until you get it the right size. Each square will be cut like the picture above & tied to the next square: above, below, both sides. =)

  10. I’m going to make this blanket as a present for a Baby Shower, it’s a lifesaver gift!

  11. =]

  12. good

  13. nice i might use it!!!!

  14. the directions forgot to mention that you need to cut out a smal square out of every corner so that the corners will look right!!

  15. i make these all the time for my kids and gifts so much better than just buying a blanket and warmer too

    I LOVE this site!

  16. very helpful

  17. Cute idea!

  18. asome i lovedit its perfect gift to make with a child and its soooo cute

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