Baby Shower – Canvas Scrapbook Letters

Baby Shower – Canvas Scrapbook Letters

These wall letters are fun to make and look adorable in your nursery. You can customize them to suit your own decor and themes.

What you need

Small Artist Canvases
Contrasting scrapbook papers
Craft glue


The canvases in this picture are 12 inch (30 cm) in size.

Take your scrapbooking paper and glue one layer onto the canvas – you can leave a plain border around the edge as I have done or you can take it all the way around to the back.

The second paper is layered on in a small square.

For a aged look the paper has been crunched up to form crease lines and then the paper has been rubbed with black chalk but it is optional.

Cut out your letters and glue them into place. You can print off your letters on the computer and cut them out or cut them out free hand for a hand made look.

Finish off the hangings by coating them with clear varnish to seal the papers.

Secure the ribbon onto the back and tie it into big bows to hang from your wall.


  1. so cute

  2. Wow! So beautiful! And so inexpensive to make! Would easily cost a person $10 each plaque in stores! Ribbon always seems to hike up the price on items in stores like this too. Save that $$ for diapers and make these!!!

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